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Ottoman Wooden Sofa Chair (Modern Retro)

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Set up your own oriental corner, ground couch and sitting area

In thi article, we want to give you some important information design tips about the oriental corner and sitting area. If you ready to read, let’s take a look at below.

Modern Chair Corner, Wodeen Sofa and Decorative Cushion Desings

An oriental touch for your home
Sometimes it has to be the extra portion! With intriguing colors, opulent patterns and deep cushions, you create your own oasis of peace in an oriental look. On the cozy cushions, it can be wonderfully relaxing, the delicious spicy tea exudes its sweet smell of dates and figs and you feel far, far away.
Here you will learn how you can implement the colorful look at your home and set up an oriental seating area.
Off to the ground: variety for body and mind
Diverse colors: Now it’s getting colorful
Deck yourself: That’s how small tables come out big

Turkish Retro  Corner, Couch and Sitting Area Design Tips

Off to the ground: variety for body and mind
Other countries other manners. While in western countries it is more likely to be raised and sat on chairs, in other cultures the floor is used as common seating. And why not even at home just move the seating one floor down and use the floor? So you get a much larger area for spreading. To make it comfortable all around, you can create a cuddly seat island with seat cushions, rugs and blankets.

Seating close to the ground automatically gives you a completely different perspective – the room looks bigger, your muscles experience a welcome change and you can just sit back and let yourself sink into the soft cushions.
Low upholstery, poufs and large cushions are characteristic of the style. The most authentic effect is if you set up the oriental seating group in true style. Several flat and thick upholstery, or even whole seating combinations, provide cosiness in the blink of an eye.

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Turkish sofa

Diverse colors: Now it’s getting colorful
Probably the most striking thing about an oriental sitting area: the colors! The mystic interior style looks warm, soft and just wonderful! Intense colors such as carmine red, bright orange, bright pink and shiny gold tones harmonize well with cool and gaudy tones such as violet, turquoise, blue, green and silver. You can blithely mix, because the disorderly coexistence creates the cozy and relaxed style.


However, the view also looks refined and exotic in a reduced version: bright white, soft blue, cool silver and natural shades in brown and beige combine to create a light and cool ambience.


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